10 SEO Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

10 SEO Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a digital marketing method to increase traffic and awareness to your website from optimisation of keywords and links via search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

You read that right. SEO are one of the most useful and cost-saving tool to market and sell your brand and products to the masses without lifting your butt off the chair. As we progress further into the digital world, there are 5 billion+ of searches on Google to date, and grasping 1% of sales from it will make you a millionaire.

However, there are 101 ways and counting to make the best use of SEO and one lifetime is not enough to know every one of them. Use what is useful and ignore what is unnecessary. We filtered down to 10 SEO tips that will (highly likely) turn your brand into a powerhouse. You don’t want to miss a thing, so don’t close your eyes, don’t fall asleep.

1. Contents: Place People at Heart

  • Do not create countless contents for the sake of farming for keywords and SEO purposes. Create high quality content that resonates to the peoples’ need and wants. Google recognises quality contents and will place it as priority in the first page of a search. Contents as such will also garner more share and likes from the people who reads it.

2. Optimise Keywords

  • Research for keywords using Google Suggest to find ‘long-tail keywords’ to know what are the top suggestions.
  • Insert keywords in the right places in your content such as page titles. headings and body text.
  • Be creative. Create your own keywords that are related to your business and share it out. Your keyword may be the first and only one to appear on Google. However, it’s a bold move to make as your keyword may not be known by many.

3.  Speed Up Your Site

  • ‘Lag’ and ‘buffer’ is a taboo for internet users nowadays. Your website should load within the maximum 2-3 seconds time frame. Any slower than that, will increase the number of consumers leaving the site before seeing the content, which leads to a drastic drop of sales. You got to be fast n’ furious to hit that mark!

4.  Link to the World

  • Link your content to other (high quality and relevant) websites and sources. Having a weave of connections via link citation and sharing is a fundamental way to a smart search engine optimisation strategy. This in turn will have other websites sharing your link of contents to other places, expanding your brand’s exposure.

5. People Love’s Video

  • Humans are audio-visual creatures. A content of actions, colours and music creates the optimal vibe for audiences. Hubspot stated that 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them positive ROI, 99% of current video marketers will continue using video in 2020 and 95% plan to increase or maintain their spending on video marketing.

6. Infographics Make it Easy

  • Complex data made simple with infographics. It provides a simplified and clear-cut information to the people, which people of today likes; short and sweet. Education by images are more effective as images makes it easier to remember any information. In turn, the more people view your infographics, the better the SEO goes.

7. Voice Out!

  • Voice messages has become a norm in messaging platform, so does voice search. Review42 reported that 1 billion voice search were made monthly in 2018 and 72% of voice searchers said that tool had become a part of their lives. Voice searchers have a clear intention which makes them very specific with what they want. Hence, it makes long-tail keyword more valuable, giving less established website the opportunities to rank up.

8. Deploy Entity Salience

  • Entity salience improves accuracy of a search by leveraging the known relationship between two entities, especially of famous names, things and figures. For example, you are writing an article about superheroes, you may insert key names such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Batman, Avengers, Aquaman and more to increase your presence and rank in search engines.

9. Rework on Older Post

  • Walk down memory lane to your older post and look out for postings that have plenty of rooms for improvement. Enhance the contents with updated information, more reliable links/sources and visuals to catch the eyes of your audiences. Now, see your ranks flair in search engines!

10. Climb that Skyscraping Content

  • Create your skyscraper content now! Find that high-performing content in your niche, basically your competitors content, and you create a way better content out of that similar topic and promote it shamelessly. Add in more details, visuals, videos, and mind-boggling trivia to surprise your audiences. But, remember to keep it digestible!

There you have it. Our top 10 SEO tips for you to grasp your win. Now, be equipped and embark on your very own SEO adventures in the massive World Wide Web. Godspeed!