7 Marketing & Business Trends in 2021

7 Marketing & Business Trends in 2021

2021 is approaching, another step towards a new era of unprecedented technological and societal advancement, however…

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically upended the way businesses are operated and the lifestyle of the masses. Physical shops have moved to online marketplace, more people are working remotely, meetings are done via video conferencing, transaction and barter systems are done (almost) wholly digitally. Initially to prevent the spread of viruses from physical contact, it has inadvertently brought about a new wave of business trend, towards the digital world.

As 2020 being the pioneering and experimental year of such radical working method, 2021 will be where people are already acquainted to the new ways. Here, let’s explore the business trend of 2021 that everyone should embrace for success.



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Ever since Covid-19 strikes, social media has seen a surge in usage. Social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok is used for entertainment, updating on global & local news, a marketplace for a seamless shopping experience and communicating with friends during the pandemic lockdown. Even dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel has more right swipes than ever. Social media is becoming more relevant and it may be an immortal trend for good. So come 2021, social media marketing is one of the most effective money-making trend to embrace.



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With more emphasis on digital marketing, the search engine optimisation (SEO) will have a higher relevance than before. Keep up to date with your local SEO algorithm, discover what the people in your locality is searching for, and chunk out those keywords and provide them your website with top notch user experience. For starters, you have to be verified by Google; sign up for Google My Business, claim your listing or create a new one. This will rank you up in Google SERPS, which let your businesses be easily found by netizens.



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To keep a safe distance from a possible Covid infection, people do their shopping indoors via e-commerce site such as Lazada, Shopee, Mudah and more. In addition, people purchase groceries via respected supermarket website and getting meals delivered via Foodpanda and GrabFood. Covid-19 has escalated the world to a digital revolution in a span of a year. It has created a norm for people to do all their biddings virtually without touching a contamination-risk bank note or having physical contact with strangers. The digital world is getting bigger in 2021.



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Take it to the street, virtually! Mass gathering such as meetings, concerts and seminars have been held via video conferencing app such as the overnight success of ‘Zoom’. Not just that, job interviews, client meetings, sales and as casual as friends gathering are all held virtually in the comfort of each homes. It cuts the hassle and cost of travelling from places to places, with zero cost of venue booking, decoration and catering. No need for printed advertisements too because all are done ONLINE! Utilise the virtual world to your command.



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Let’s reiterate; Content is king, but not all of them. A shock-content will create more impact than a professional corporate content as people will remember what scarred them interesting content it has more than generic ones. In this era with a higher population of millennials and gen Z, those bunch prefers more creative or shock-embedded contents that they can hail as top notch creativity and originality. That is why organisations like MGAG and SGAG are able to make it big in these times. It does not matter a negative or positive message is portrayed, as long as publicity is gained.



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Nope, not paying an influencer to market your product. Instead, you be the influencer. Becoming a diva isn’t just a Hollywood thing anymore. Anyone can be their own superstar and it’s all thanks to the advent of social media and the craving for viral contents. You have to make thorough planning of what on-screen character you want to portray such as being a comedian, chef, musician, video game streamer, or just to flaunt your good looks. Then, produce entertaining contents and promote products or places along with hash tags for further reach. Done that and you are on the way to fame, just like Uncle Roger. Now you get the idea…



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Have you ever cried during a movie or felt your emotions tingling? That is the effect you want to get with your content. People appreciate content that touches their heart and enlightening them with life lessons. Besides that, provide some inclusivity in your content. With the ‘Woke’ culture being ever more escalating, people would like to see inclusivity of people of colours, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, minorities in your materials, which will resonate very well with the generation of today. It will increase the value of your content and people will remember you for a long time.

Let your company ignite the change for a better tomorrow in the world. Be part of a global phenomenon that people will appreciate your company more than just monetary value. 2021 is the time! Happy New Year folks!