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ASEAN+ Business Expo x Atlantis Agency

Discover Opportunities at the ASEAN+ Business Expo

The ASEAN+ Business Expo is a highly anticipated event in the business schedule, where prominent figures in the industry, entrepreneurs, investors, international delegations and beyond from the ASEAN region and other areas come together. Additionally, this lively exposition offers businesses an opportunity to exhibit their products and services, establish connections with potential partners, and get knowledge about the most recent market trends. Regardless matter whether you are a well-established company or a newly started one, the ASEAN+ Business Expo provides several opportunities to enhance your network and extend your market presence. Being that we Atlantis BPO are excited to be a part of this Expo.

Asean+ Business Expo

Why attend the ASEAN+ Business Expo?

  1. Fast-growing economically vibrant ASEAN countries
  2. First comprehensiveB2B and B2C Business Expo
  3. Global participation and diverse geographical reach
  4. Powerful governmental networking opportunities
  5. Generate on-ground sales and branding exposure
  6. Customised business matching
  7. Trade and Export workshops
  8. Recruit new distributors and business partners
  9. Facilitate cross-border business opportunities within ASEAN and beyond
  10. Explore new markets, exchange ideas, and establish connections

Asean+ Business Expo

Highlights of the ASEAN+ Business Expo

  1. Diverse Range of Exhibitors
     – The expo especially features a wide variety of exhibitors from different industries, including technology, manufacturing, finance, and e.g. At the same time attendees can explore innovative products and services from both established companies and emerging startups.
  2. Insightful Keynote Speakers
    Re-owned business leaders and industry experts take the stage to share their knowledge and insights on current trends and future opportunities. Their presentations offer valuable takeaways for businesses looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.
  3. Networking Opportunities
    Networking is a key aspect of the ASEAN+ Business Expo hence attendees have the chance to connect with potential partners, clients, and investors from the ASEAN region and beyond. By all means the expo’s networking events facilitate meaningful conversations and collaborations.
  4. Workshops and Panel Discussions
    The expo hosts various workshops and panel discussions on topics such as digital transformation, sustainability, and international trade. Furthermore, these sessions provide attendees with practical knowledge and strategies to apply to their businesses.
  5. Showcasing Regional Talent
    The expo highlights the diverse talent within the ASEAN region, likewise showcasing the skills and creativity of local entrepreneurs and businesses. In contrast this cultural exchange enriches the event and fosters cross-border collaborations.

Prestige Keynote Speakers

The ASEAN+ Business Expo is proud to feature together with a lineup of prestigious keynote speakers who are leading voices in their respective fields. With this in mind, these industry experts will share their valuable insights on the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities within the ASEAN region.