The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

With the advancement of internet technology, the world has been embroiled with social media. It goes as far as creating an alternate reality to live out our impermissible desires. For the first time in our life, we are in total control of our “world” where we can be and do whatever we yearn. Though social media marketing is one of the major means of digital marketing, it grips a dark side ready to be awakened once it is misused for unfavourable deeds. Here are the 7 deadly sins of social media marketing.


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Salivating at food pictures in Instagram, snapped so beautifully enticing yet it is beyond the reach of our palate. We crave to taste and indulge in all the splendours of the tongue but we could only sit and drool like no other.

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Vice versa, marketers tend to overindulge in sharing content as much as possible without knowing how it irks people. This scares prospects, they unfollow or unfriend us, or worse, blocking our existence due to our uncontrollable urge of postings. Do not overpost, spam and flood the newsfeed of others with unnecessity. Give them surprising and entertaining post between intervals each week, and that will help us fare better.

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Lust is life, it is everywhere; without control, it turns all into blight. Tinder, Tantan and other dating apps is where people seek for love or lust, swiping right endlessly hoping to land on the right one for the night or a lifetime. Need a quickie, Pornhub and many more pornography sites are at your disposal.

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We lust, we chase for followers. We give endless likes and comments to gain much affection and attention towards us. We measure our success with the number of followers, neglecting and not heeding the needs of our quality customers and prospects. Divert your attention to your prospect that matters, they are the right one to pave your way for success.


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Opportunities are scarce. The greedy and avaricious, in the name of “survival”, joust with one another for profit and gold. That is Linkedin, where everyone portrays the dullest (professional) image of themselves and dreary motivational postings to grasp attention of recruiters and headhunters alike. Some indulge in cryptocurrency and gold investment apps to earn quick wealth, but only to end up like the dog who lost his bone to his reflection in the river.

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Do not hoard valuable information to yourself. Share the good sources or information that you have found to the world. Hoarding with greed will lead you to nowhere but making more loses of income and prospects forsaking you for being uninteresting. Got good content? Share it!


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It is as the sin is called. Sloth is lazy, not doing anything and what is more lazy and slothful than binge-watching Netflix series for days on end. The unproductivity level skyrocketed, with detriments to your health for being sedentary in a long period of time.

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Do not leave your social media account unattended and outdated. Do not be lazy, keep up the postings and you will be able to catch the attention of prospects and going up the SEO ranks in Google search engine. If you are going on social media, you’re going to have a social media presence. Use it wisely and abundantly.


The feeling of discontent, resentment and desire to possessed materials or qualities belonging to someone else, whilst turning a blind eye to what we already have. People spent worthless hours prying on people’s “good” life on Facebook and Instagram, and wishing to be what they are, to have what they have. The more inquisitive people become of others, the more envious they are; the more they do not appreciate the worthy things and people around them.

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Do not covet great public figures or corporate social media pages and yearn to be like them without doing a thing. Do not be depress over the lacking in your social media account and take the first step to boost up your page with valuable contents. Others do not be great without effort, so do you. Stop prying, and start working.


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Wrath is rage expressed, an embodiment of hostility and aggression, which causeth harm to other people physically and mentally. Shared (unpleasant) news within social media can create disharmony to the spirit, garnering anger over anything disheartening. Behind the safe haven of computer screens, people rages on by slandering each other, causing disparaging relationships, relentless arguments and resentment among the users. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it is a dangerous place for wrath to dwell.

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We tend to lose our cool with unreasonable customers and being online makes it easier to retaliate against them. Bear in mind, the whole world are able to see what you’ve posted and because of one pesky customer, you had to ruin your image in a single fit of anger. Worth it? No! Never lose your head in social media, always be patient to provide customers a great (social media) experience with you.


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They say pride comes before a fall, and we couldn’t agree less. Here’s to the boss of all sins, where all the other sins flow from; Pride is a deep pleasure and consciousness of one’s own dignity and achievements. It is basically a self-delusional egotistic trait. Instagram and Facebook has made people prideful, as it is the platform to boast and show that they are better than the world can take. Yup, social media are tools that enforces the ego within human beings.

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We are as good as our last follower and lead conversion. Do not let it get over your head that you have achieved the upper hand over other brands because there is always a long journey ahead of you. Don’t rest on your laurels as other brands are also working hard to bag their own success and they may be your mightiest rivals. Stay on the ground, be humble and continue working hard for your customers and yourself.